April 5th, 2021


(no subject)

I slept last night pretty badly. My lower eyelids are already turning wrinkly and reddish- gray and baggy, but I guess that might be due to ageing.

I was awake pretty early, so I got up and took my morning meds. I changed from my nightie into a bathrobe, and made coffee.

I took a shower, washed my hair and armpits, put on deodorant (I only have to put deodorant on two times a week because it's pretty concentrated) and basic lotion, and got dressed.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said I can.

I took a bus to my parents' home, once there mom answered the door. Dad was also home.
I made myself some sandwiches and coffee.

I made the weekly phone call to Elysion.

I took a bus to another town and went to Burger King and ordered French fries.

I took a bus back home, played Pokemon and sent some dank memes to my friends. I wanted to geocache, but couldn't find any easy ones.

Once back in my hometown, I picked up some trash and took discarded trolleys to the supermarket.

Once back home, I made coffee.
I looked at a Wikipedia article about the basics of Ireland, and then I brushed my teeth. I cleaned my interdentals, then I brushed my tongue, and then I brushed my teeth, and then I used mouthwash.

I took my evening meds, and then I washed my hands, put peeling gel on them, and then I put ha

Tomorrow I will go visit my parents again. My life is getting priddy boring.

On Wednesday, my care worker will come for the weekly appointment. I will wash the dishes, fold the laundry, change the pillowcase and the face-, hand-, and kitchen towels.
I will go visit my parents, and then I will go have the corona vaccination.

On Thursday, I will take a shower and wash my hair, and then I will go visit my parents again.

On Friday, I will receive the weekly allowance. I will order a bath towel from an online shop, buy hair conditioner, blu- tack, postage stamps, baking soda, vinegar, and oat milk.
I will go visit my parents again.

On Saturday, I will do the weekly housework; change the towels and bed sheets, tidy up the bathroom, and take out the recycling.
I will go visit my friend Furby in her new apartment, some of our other friends will come as well.

On Sunday, I will go visit my parents. They will give me the weekly allowance, and I will call my granny.