April 11th, 2021


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Last night I had a dream where I adopted a tiny brown girl guinea pig, but I had to give her up because she didn't get along with other guinea pigs.

In another dream, I ordered stuff from Wish and Etsy.

In yet another dream, I was a student in Xavier Academy for Gifted Youngsters, and my mutant ability was nensha, or thoughtography; I could create transparent images with my mind. Professor X analyzed them and deduced that they were made of ectoplasm.

I got up early because I was sick of my weird dreams. I took my morning meds and changed from my nightie into a bathrobe, and made coffee.

I received two phonecalls from weird numbers, one from Great Britain and another from Finland. I guess it was just spam, so I blacklisted them.

I put basic lotion on my skin and cleaned my teeth, and got dressed.
I scrubbed the toilet bowl and changed the towels.

Later that day, Anton picked me up. He gave me and Mirette a lift to Furby's home.
Anton also had a key to Furby's apartment because she would be working until evening, and there was no other way we could have entered her apartment otherwise.

We had a good time, dancing and laughing and farting and talking and eating treats. Later Furby showed up and the good times increased.

Later that evening I left and took a bus to downtown, and recharged my smartphone while playing Pokemon. I took a subway to downtown and then a bus back home.
On the bus, I talked with a man who seemed rather subdued, and he told me he was homeless. It made me feel a bit subdued too, because I have the privilege of never been homeless; I have always had a warm and dry apartment where I have my own bed and all the nice things.
Back then when I lived in Kitler Hill, I used to be unhappy because my apartment was all sterile and boring, it didn't feel like home at all and it didn't have lamps on the ceilings.

It truly makes my blood boil when I think about that there are more empty apartments than there are homeless people in this entire world!

I went back home, took my evening meds and made a cup of coffee. I recharged my smartphone and watched the Family Guy episodes where they made fun of the British and Irish cultures, and then I started watching the movie Joker.

Tomorrow I will go visit my parents, they will give me the weekly allowance. I will make the weekly phonecall to my granny.
I will go to the supermarket to buy candy and ice cream, and then I will go visit my friends Eleclya and Jazz. Once I return home, I will go buy groceries, and also proper ink refills for my ink pen and nasalspray for keeping my nostrils un- congested while sleeping.

My plans for Monday, April 12th - Sunday, April 18th

Monday, April 12th:
I will take a shower, put hair oil on my hair tips before washing and hair conditioner after washing my hair.
I will buy a new reflective plastic cover for my travel card.
If it doesn't snow, I will ride my bicycle to my parents' home.
After leaving, I will visit the library and return all the items I have.
I will travel downtown and visit the nearest Body Shop to recycle the eye cream I bought once, and go to a shop to buy a birthday gift for a friend, and mail it to him.
I will also go visit "everything costs a euro" shop and buy air freshener.
I will call my friend Elysion.

Tuesday, April 13th:
I will ride my bicycle to my parents' home.
If the weather is fine, I will go visit two beaches and one park.

Wednesday, April 14th:
My care worker will come for the weekly appointment at half past two o'clock in the afternoon. I will wash the dishes, fold the laundry, change the pillowcase and face / hand / kitchen towels, and scrub the toilet bowl.
I will go visit my parents. If the weather is fine, I will either ride my bicycle, or walk there.

Thursday, April 15th:
I will take a shower, put on hair conditioner and then wash my hair and put on a hair mas.
I will recharge my travel card.
I will go visit my parents.

Friday, April 16th:
I will receive the weekly allowance.
I will go to a milkshake bar to taste- test mint chocolate milkshake.
I will buy four pairs of titanium earrings of the same size, and have them fitted into the holes in my earlobes. I have three in each one, and I want to have numbers two and three fitted, and the first hole left bare so I can put other earrings in.
I will also buy a Netflix gift card and biotin supplements.

Saturday, April 17th:
I will do the weekly housework; change the towels and bed sheets, take out the recycling, tidy up the bathroom.

Sunday, April 18th:
I will go visit my parents, they will give me the weekly allowance. I will make the weekly phonecall to my granny.
As for the money, from now on I will do grocery shopping on Sundays.