June 5th, 2021


A day that started badly and ended nicely

Last night I had a dream where I was visiting the summer resort that I went plenty of times with my family when I was a kid. In the dream, I got into a fight with other girls, and we started stabbing each other.

I got up at midday, took my morning meds and got dressed and made coffee.

The delusions bothered me really badly, causing me strong mental pain.

I still left my home and went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription meds, and I got a free Twix bar from a mall vendor.

I took a bus to another town, and went to the nearest cafe. There were two Finns party members who offered me free coffee and candy. Anton showed up as well, he is friends with one of the party members.

The members were really nice and kind. The other member's wife showed up, we talked with her a bit.

Anton and I went to a grocery shop, and then he gave me a ride to Furby's home. I ate some of his salmiakki drops.

Once at Furby's, Mirette was already there. Emppu, Jazz, Eleclya, and Odessa showed up later. We all went outside to sit in the garden and eat treats.

I left and took two buses and a train back home. I felt so full of happiness.

I got off the train and picked up some trash, and then I went home.

I took my evening meds and texted Jazz that I was back home safely.

Tomorrow I will ride my bicycle to my parents' home and back. They will give me the weekly allowance. I have to remember to call my granny.
I will ride my bicycle back to my hometown and deposit the money to my bank account, and then go visit the supermarket; I will buy two savory treats that I have never had before.
I will go visit thrift stores and buy all the clothes I fancy, and then I will go visit my friend Rige.
In the evening I will go back home and hair oil treatment and postage stamps.