June 17th, 2021


(no subject)

Last night I had a dream where my family and I went to Lapland to some sort of a refugee because there was a war in my home country.

In another dream, we went to a holiday center; it was much nicer.

I also had a dream of meeting Harleen Quinzel, she helped me hang laundry.

In another dream, I was watching a 1990's science fiction movie about a mutagen that turned people into crab monsters who said "Plink plink!"

I woke up feeling like I didn't want to wake up, but it gave me no problem to get up. I took my morning meds, brushed my teeth, did the morning skincare regiment, applied lotion on my skin, and got dressed.

My care worker came for the weekly appointment, we had a nice talk.
I washed two loads of laundry and hung it on the drying rack at the balcony.

After she left, I started watching the TV show Sweet Tooth on Netflix, and then I watched Transformers: War for Cybertron. It made me think about humans, life, the world, good and evil, and the rights of people.

I left and took a train downtown, where I met Elysion. We took a subway to another town, and met Mirette and Furby.
We went grocery shopping, and then we caught a bus to Mirette's home.

Once there, we ate French fries and fish sticks. I didn't feel too full after eating, but after drinking water I felt like my stomach was going to burst.

My nose itches.

I also ate watermelon and peppermint candies.

We were supposed to go to the sauna, but the light was busted so we settled for shower.

We decided that after Furby leaves, we will go to the Japanese garden and then I will take a shower.

Tomorrow I will go visit my mother so that she can give me the monthly allowance. I will order a ticket to musical, and pay two commissions.
In the afternoon, I will go to the hairdresser to have my eyebrows done, have an Olaplex treatment, and have my tips cut off.
In the evening, I will go to a free concert in my hometown.

On Saturday, I will do housework; I will change the towels and bed sheets, hoover the floor, tidy up the bathroom, take out the recycling, and wash laundry.
I will go visit my parents to pick up the weekly allowance.

On Sunday, two of my friends will come for a visit. After that, I will visit a masseur. In the evening, Mirette and I will go to a culture center in my parents' hometown to see the musical.