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I'm starting to hate my dreams. For instance, this morning when I woke up from a dream, the first thing to think was "Eugh, what a nasty dream". I don't remember much of it, anyway.

I was feeling rather miserable for not having any chocolate in the house. Usually my chocolaty cravings are the worst in the mornings.

After scrubbing myself, dressing up and having a nutritious breakfast, I started thinking if I should go out to do some business.

Right after stepping out of the front door, I started to feel frustrated and anguished, nevertheless I visited the social office to drop off my cellphone bill, then I went to the bank to withdraw 50 euros from my savings.

While waiting for my turn, a bunch of drunkards sat right next to me, two men and a woman. They started cursing and arguing loudly. I started thinking why do I seem to attract the socially unfortunate; the mentally ill, immigrants, drug addicts, sexually perverted and other scum. Do I smell bad, or do they think I'm like a soul sister to them?

Anyway, I got my money, visited the library and retrieved a book I had requested and paid my library fees, then I visited Citymarket to buy porridge flakes, tomatoes, chocolate, sandwich spread, one packet of sanitary pads and two packets of pantyliners.

I also bought six Valentine's day cards. I have this tradition of not buying varying Valentine's day cards; I usually buy a stack of same cards for my foreign friends, another stack for Finnish online friends and another stack for the kind of friends that live near me, so that I don't need to send them, I just give the card to each one from my loving hands.
On Christmas I buy varying cards, different ones for each one.

Once home, I decided not to cook a lunch but instead I nibbled on the chocolate bars and started fiddling with the cards; I wrote the receiver's address, my address, greetings and then stamped them.

I did the usual afternoon things; ate chocolate and watched Ghost World on DVD.

After washing the dishes, I started thinking what to do for the rest of the day. I decided not to go to Helsinki, despite there was a new exhibition in Kiasma, but I could check it out another day.

I cleaned up the wash basin, swept the floor, wiped the tables and some other shit.

My dad called me and told me that he and mother were currently in Petikko, trying to find the JYSK store to buy me the nightstand I had asked for. Too bad JYSK seemed to be closed.

Later dad called me, he said that he and mother had been to the JYSK store in Tammisto, they had found the right nightstand and booked it, we made a deal to go pick it up on Sunday when I visit my parents. So, I guess everything's alright.

I knitted a lot this evening.
I watched Ghost World all the way to the end, go me.
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