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This morning I woke up when I noticed that the lights from the opposite constructicon site reflected to the wall beside my bed. I was thinking that it actually is a rather nice way to wake up.

After I had finished my breakfast, I started doing a little housework; I washed the dishes, took out the garbage and ironed some clothes and linen.

I got a little bored while waiting for the welfare money to arrive to my bank account. It's kind of annoying how usually the money is deposited in the account right after midnight, but now that I have the peculiar account I have to wait all the way to twenty- five to one p.m.

I checked my online account, and noticed that I had received the money. I deposited 11,25 euros to my savings and 10 euros to Suvi (in case I haven't mentioned it before, I'm paying her back after she ordered the Transformers messenger bag for me), and then I decided to do a little shopping.

First I went to the social office to drop off my broadband and electricity bill, then I visited the bank to deposit the leftover change to my savings.

I know the importance of saving your money, after all if I'm going to buy a pair of vegan biker boots in April, I have to save every penny. Too bad I always end up spending my money, even when I'm spending it on something I truly need.

I went to the station to look at the timetables, I wanted to take the bus 452 to Helsinki. I usually like taking a bus rather than a train, but this time the bus would leave in half an hour so I decided to take a train.

I was, once again, wearing my kitty hoodie with a matching scarf. It may be too thin to be worn during winter, but usually it doesn't matter what kind of hoodie or jacket I wear, I still feel like sweating my ass off.

Once in Helsinki, I took a subway train to Hakaniemi. I had to visit the UFF store to pay for the dress I had booked. I might take a photo of the dress later and post it to my journal.

It cost very little, only 9,50 euros. While traveling to Kamppi on a subway train I started to regret buying the dress, mainly because I already have a lolita dress with the same colours. But anyway, I love cute dresses so now I don't regret it.

Once in Kamppi, I went to the bookshop Suomalainen Kirjakauppa and bought eight Valentine's day cards. I looked around for new diaries, but didn't find any.

I had a terrible craving for chocolate, about every second of my thoughts was something like Must. Have. Chocolate.
I started thinking of visiting Wayne's Coffee (I was about to write Wayne's World, I need to see that movie soon!) to have a rye- lingonberry muffin, but I didn't find the aforementioned café.

I decided to stretch my limits by visiting Arnold's Coffee and Bakery Shop and buying a donut with chocolate glazing and coconut flakes.

It didn't make me feel any better. Actually, then I had a craving for vinegar crisps, and I was feeling guilty for spending my money on unhealthy habits. I decided to leave, and take a bus home.

I took the bus 452 to Myyrmäki, on the way I started thinking if I am a bit too harsh on myself. I have completely denied myself of eating anything sweet, and I started being philosophical about food.

If crisps and sweets and puddings are so unhealthy, why are they being sold in public shops?
Why does eating play such a significant part in our lives?

Once in Myyrmäki, I went grocery shopping. Then I remembered that I had put the shopping list into the pocket of my quilted jacket, and right now I was wearing the kitty hoodie! Oh bugger, I decided to buy the things I remembered from the list.
I bought detergent for washing the dishes, some frozen wok vegetables, toothpaste, shampoo, pantyliners, sanitary pads, tomatoes, tangerines, sandwich spread and probably something else. I decided not to buy peanut butter, but bought a frozen mud cake instead.

Once home, I put the groceries to their rightful places and suddenly I felt a little empty. The day wasn't over, and I had nothing to do!
But I didn't give in to the boredom; I did some housework while wearing nothing but underpants, I hoovered the floor, washed laundry, wiped the kitchen sink clean, aired a small carpet and things like that. All in all, I had a nice evening.
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