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I really hate living on welfare.
I mean, I have enough money to afford food, hygiene, rent and bills, but not anything nice like fab clothes, daily amount of chocolate or the nose piercing I have wanted for god knows how long.
Well, I might be able to afford the aforementioned goodies with my weekly allowance, but usually after a shopping orgy I have to crawl back home and ask my parents to lend me money for oatmeal. I hate it.
I should save money, but it's kind of hard to do it when you need every single penny to afford basic needs.
That's why I need to attend the work experience; I may earn about eight hours a day, four days a week, about 125 euros a month, and depending on how many months I attend the experience period I'll be able to afford a new pair of boots, a nose ring and stuff like that.

Yesterday evening I decided to shave my excessive pubic hair off; mainly the ones on my labia and the inside of my thighs, but not the ones that grow upwards to my navel.

I had a hard time getting sleep; almost every evening this week I have had to swallow a handful of chill pills and still stay up all night and counting the ceiling panels.

Today when I planned to go fetch the daily amount of chocolate, or more like half of it as I am on a tight budget now, I decided to go for a little urban adventure; I went to the nearest bus stop and decided that if the bus 530 arrives first, I will go to Entresse shopping center to buy chocolate, and if the bus 510 arrives first I will visit Sello shopping center.
After a long time of freezing my ass off at the bus stop, the bus 510 arrived.
I visited Sello shopping (I accidentally wrote "chopping") center, right after stepping through the revolving doors I went to K- Market and bought a chocolate bar.
I stayed a little longer and checked if Seppälä or Hennes&Mauritz had some winter fashion for me. I mean, it doesn't matter if I'm strapped for cash, a little peek never hurts anyone. And besides, the next time I receive money I can go back and buy them.

I decided to add two articles of clothing to my shopping list; a dark blue cotton blouse with a mid- thigh hem (Hennes&Mauritz), a black blouse with tiny yellow and red roses (Seppälä). They don't cost too much.

I didn't feel like going back home, so I took the A train to Helsinki and visited Kamppi shopping center. I went to Cybershop, and found a nice piece of clothing; a dark blue sailor- style jumpsuit with red details.

There was an ad on the counter; you could pay for your purchases in Cybershop by making a phone call, and the cost of the purchases will appear on your cellphone bill.
Suddenly I got the urge to act a little recklessly, so I grabbed a hoodie I had wanted ever since before I flipped; a black fleece zip- up hoodie with neon green details and a pointy hood, like an elf cape. I announced I was going to pay it by making a phone call, but as you would have guessed it was easier said than done.
When I had shown the shop assistant my ID and finally managed to press the right buttons to make the phone call, I realized there might be something in my operator that prevents me making such purchases. Oh what the hell, I might receive some extra money tomorrow so I am going to purchase it along with the other clothes.

I decided to go back home. I was in a pretty good mood, despite freezing to death and being a little bummed out due to not being able to buy the hoodie I had wanted for a long time.

Once home, I had finished my chocolate bar. Right now I have no cash and both of my bank accounts are empty, but I have enough food provided till next week's Friday that is the next payday, and I might also receive some extra money tomorrow; if I have money left after my bills and weekly allowance are paid by my welfare, the social worker deposits the leftover money to my account about at the end of the month. I'm not so sure about it, but I must hope for the best.

And I also should taking more responsibility on my well- being, meaning I have to realize life is not only for being indulged in chocolate and indie clothes. I also need to eat three healthy meals a day and exercise and civilize myself, so I should use my money first on basic needs and keeping up my health, and then frivolity.

Sometimes I wish I was a millionaire so I wouldn't always be worried about how am I going to manage.
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