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♥ I just love creating LJ icons. Mind, not actually creating them myself, but finding some hilarious pictures on the Internet and creating icons out of them.

♥ I really heart Arcee in Transformers: Prime. Less slutty than G1 Arcee, I mean, she had flaming red lipstick and a ghetto booty. Snerk.

♥ But the one thing I really don't see why the good ol' G1 has spawned so many craptastic continuities. I mean, their only reason is to_sell_toys, that's all.

♥ I like taking hot showers in the evenings when I'm feeling cold; for the rest of the evening, I'll feel like radiating heat. It calms me down when I'm in a freaky mood, and peps me up when I'm tired.

♥ Has anyone on my eff- list seen the movie Ghost World, based on the Daniel Clowes comic album by the same name? In my opinion, it's the best fucking movie I have ever seen. I will never grow tired of watching it, and if I will, I'm going to slit my wrists so blah.

♥ I really don't see why the Larval Stalkers, the child- like ghosts in Silent Hill are called "Larval"? I see no similarity to larva in them, they are just shadow- like entities which stumble around in the room and squeak like dog toys.

♥ I have been thinking of getting myself an iPod. Then again, I'd rather listen to music in the peace of my own home, not while walking outside and such; the noise of nature is its own music.
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