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I find it kind of complicated to write both online journal and real life diary at the same time.

The morning was pretty normal, except for that I had a stomach ache and I drank ayurvedic cinnamon tea instead of vanilla- flavoured Twinings. I should buy more ayurvedic tea flavors such as chocolate, licorice and ginger, they sure are delicious.
I should also get some strong mint tea, too bad Citymarket didn't have them in stock when I last visited.

Surprisingly enough, I didn't feel all sweaty and twitchy as I always do after I had completed my morning routines.

It was warm today, so I decided to wear the kitty hoodie and a matching scarf. Now that I think about it, I should buy the fairy hoodie from Cybershop as I think it will be a lot warmer and make me look less sweet 'n cute.

I went to Citymarket and bought two cans of milk plus, a tube of Nivea facial cream and a bar of chocolate. I took the purchases home, left them on their proper places and then I was off again.

I was thinking of walking along Rajatorpantie to see if that fake vagina was still lying on the road, but instead, I remembered that I had to visit the health center.

It was surprisingly easy; in a moment I was talking to the nurse who tested my blood pressure and told me it was perfect.
I was given the contact information of the nutritionist in Tikkurila, and I was told that I have three months period to visit the laboratory to have my blood tested, so I decided to go tomorrow to get over it as soon as possible.
I was told that I shouldn't eat anything after getting up in the morning, I can take my meds and maybe drink some water but nothing else because it messes with my blood sugar.
In case you didn't know, I want to have my blood tested because of the nutrition; I want to know if I am lacking some special vitamin, protein or something else and discuss them with the nutritionist so I'll know what kind of foods I should eat more.

I was thinking of visiting Helsinki, so I took the bus 452 there.

Once in Helsinki, I visited Wayne's Coffee to enjoy a lingonberry- rye muffin and then visited Kiasma shop.

I walked around in Kamppi, without any fear of running into Bitchface.

I visited Ruohonjuuri and bought a bag of beet crisps, then I just walked around downtown and took a bus back to Myyrmäki.

I really should buy some more ink for my printer, I think I'm running out of pink ink and also black. Too bad I enjoy printing pictures and Scotch- taping them on my alcove walls (I was about to write "balls").

I have continued my habit of eating a chocolate bar a day.

The soundtrack to the original 1973 movie Wicker Man gives me the most pleasant chills.

I think Angel Lips is a bit frustrated at me, I better treat her nicely or otherwise give her the boot.

The geewun Megatron kind of reminds me of the ROTF Jetfire, they have the same old man temperament, and besides Megsy sounds like a geriatric with lungs full of tar every time he goes: "Starscream, you fooooooool...!"

Ghost World still rocks, I will never grow tired of it. It's the movie of my troubled youth and the song of my soul.
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