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I decided to give up going through my old entries and changing them. I mean, they are fond memories and no one will read them anyway, who am I to change them?

Just before I woke up, I had had a dream that a seductive dark- haired woman who was dressed as a mosquito, stole my Doc Martens and I had to run after her to get them back.
It was hard to determine whether it was winter or summer in the dream; it was winter when she stole them behind the detached house I was living in, I kept them in a snowdrift beside a pine tree where all the residents of the house kept their boots, and when I ran after her behind the house it was suddenly a sunny summer day.
I was raving mad and when I was about to grab her, I woke up with a start.
I must say, waking up from a bad dream has the same relieved feeling as having a huge painful boil popped.

I got up, and remembering that I shouldn't eat anything before having my blood drawn, I only took my pills and drank water and swallowed my spit. I took a shower and washed my face, I didn't brush my teeth so that I wouldn't accidentally swallow the toothpaste foam.

Yesterday I had to replace my left bootlace as it was about to snap. I better buy some new ones, I always keep them stocked in my drawer for emergencies.

It was snowing lightly when I walked to the health center. I popped to Citymarket and bought a chocolate bar, it may not keep my blood sugar decent but it's better than nothing.

As usual, the laboratory was full of people young and old. My number was 118 and there were lots of people ahead of me, but I didn't mind.
Once my turn came, I had a hard time rolling up the sleeve of my tight blouse.
The nurse was very nice, I told her that I am practically used to having my blood drawn after I had the leukemia as an infant and when I had to consume different kind of crazy pills when I was in the hospital; one month when Leponex was tested on me, I had my blood drawn every day!
The nurse was very sympathetic and commented that on the spot on my left arm where my blood is usually drawn, the skin is a bit hardened. When I look closely, I can the see tiny pinpricks left by the needles.

I had to stare at the sticker on the wall; old school Hello Kitty driving a taxi with a monkey; I'm not usually hemophiliac, unless it's my own blood.
The nurse taped a piece of cotton wool on the prick, I rolled my sleeve down and left.

Once home, I had a nice time; I watched Ghost World and did some housework.

When I was washing a small plastic box where I keep tin cans and other recyclable stuff, I ran out of floor soap. I immediately set off to buy some more; I went to Citymarket and bought a bottle of lemon- scented Lumme, then I went to the library to retrieve my requests; the DVDs Precious and Pan's Labyrinth and two Finnish comic books.

Once home, I watched Precious, then Pan's Labyrinth and drank massive amounts of tea which turned into pee after traveling through my digestive system.

Come to think of it, I have been peeing a lot these days, I think I might have a bladder too small or something like that.

I also surfed on Wikipedia, and learned a lot about mental ailments, actors and actresses.

After finishing the last movie, I felt like I wanted to see another movie. Transamerica didn't feel interesting enough, so I chose Metropolis and I am watching it right now.

I love writing into a diary. No matter how boring or more like uneventful my day has been, writing about it makes it sound like a fairy tale.

Sometimes I think I might suffer from hypergraphia. Just sayin'.
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