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Yesterday I visited the hospital, there had to be done some arrangements before the surgery.
I had to be in the hospital at nine, so my alarm clock rang at six, I swallowed my pills, dressed up and went back to bed until it was time to go to the bus stop. Luckily the sun was already up.

Once in the hospital, I had my blood drawn. When the vampire was sucking out my blood, another patient who was an oldish man who spoke with foreign dialect came to the cubicle to ask something from the nurse. The nerve of him! If I hadn't been in such an awkward position, I would have kicked him out.
I went to the ward K3 (easier said than done as the hospital is as cryptic as a painting by Salvador Dali) where the anesthetist, surgeon and head nurse interviewed me and the latter helped me to fill out forms considering my diet, current medication and allergies.

The surgeon told me that the surgery is on Monday, I have to be in the hospital at seven in the morning and also, during the surgery they will put a few screws into my bones to keep them together, and I guess the screws will stay there for the rest of my life. I was told that if the screws will cause pain later in my life, they will be removed. I hope they won't.
First the idea of having sharp pieces of metal inside my body felt a little grim, but then I started wondering if they could amputate my arm and replace it with a chainsaw as in Evil Dead 2, or turn me into a technorganic like a Robocop or Sari Sumdac from Transformers: Animated!

I had to spend six hours in the hospital, mainly being bored. I watched some interesting episodes of Little house on the prairie and Kyllä isä osaa. I was thinking of getting a television set for myself but then again, I watch it very little, there are very few TV shows I like to watch and besides it would cost a lot of money. So I guess I'm good without one.

When I was free to go, I took a bus to Myyrmäki and rented Girl, Interrupted; I had watched it with routaneito last Sunday, but I felt like watching it again. I also visited the library to fetch my requests and pay my library fees. Now that I think about it, I should have also visited Citymarket to buy a packet of paper handkerchiefs and then take my cellphone bill to the social office. Maybe later.

In the evening I had to down four chill pills in order to get sleep, I had been reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac and you can guess that I was in a rather jazzy mood.

I guess I am slowly getting used to my current life now that my right arm is busted. And it really is busted; the elbow had a huge green- purple bruise and it feels like the bones have turned into jelly. Mmmm... lime and grape jelly...
I am still wearing the sling, and I take two pain killers every time I feel pain, but now I'm getting used to my constantly aching elbow.

In the morning I just took my pills and dressed up; I guess I should take daily showers and brush my teeth every morning and evening, but my aching arm doesn't let me do it. I also have a hard time cooking or cleaning, but my parents have promised to help me. Gee, I sure hope that I won't die of starvation or my teeth won't fall off before my arm has healed.

This morning I just ate chocolate and watched Girl, Interrupted and drank some ayurvedic tea that didn't taste as good as before.

I went out to buy a big packet of paper handkerchiefs, then I went to the video renting and returned the DVD.
It was a beautiful sunny day. I decided to go to Helsinki, I wanted to go to Indiska to look for counterpanes. I took the bus 530 to Espoo, visited a coffee shop and bought a piece of tiramisu cake and another piece of blueberry pie. I took the U train to Helsinki, visited Arnold's to buy a bagel and then popped to a few shops, but couldn't locate a proper counterpane. I think I'll buy it from Lahja Rosa.

Right now I'm at home, trying to get to know with Wordpress, Blogger and things like that.

I'm getting in a real bad mood, my arm hurts as if the bone is trying to bulge through my skin, a few of my online friends are acting very coldly towards me and the aforementioned sites are getting on my tits.
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