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An update about my arm

One of the stitches has unraveled by itself, but the rest of the stitches are okay.

The little pinprick holes where the stitches are sewn are oozing pus, it makes me freakishly happy.

My arm is sometimes very achy, but I'm already used to it. Besides I have lots of pain killers.

I cannot bend or stretch my arm, but I think that after a few months of exercising and normal life I can use it like before.

I can't lift practically anything from my pair of boots to my Optimus Prime backpack, or carry a shopping bag.

I will have the stitches removed at the end of April.

I don't wear the sling, despite being told I should wear it for three weeks after the surgery. But it bothers my housework and general life.

My arm is a bit stiff, I hold it in a crooked way, but it will be better.

I can write and wash the dishes and do other important things.

Probably the only difficulty is grooming; I have to use my left hand when lathering my hair with shampoo, and spreading lotion with my right hand is painful.
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