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I have lost my Plussa card, the discount card I use when grocery shopping. I ordered a new one, and I got a temporary card from the service point while filling out the form. Both cost me nothing.

It rained a lot of snow today, but it was a lot warmer than yesterday.
Weird, we will transfer to daylight savings time next Sunday, and I haven't heard anyone mention it. I hope I will remember it.

I had a dream I was fighting with a girl who looked much like Tintti in junior high, I also had dreams about Silent Hill, the great fight in Hogwartz at the end of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows. I also had a dream about a dystopian future, I tried to imitate a table in a train and someone stuck her finger up my bare ass.
I hate the kind of dreams in which I am quarreling and fighting with someone as I hate fighting. More I hate the dreams about junior high.

This morning I lazed around in my dressing gown for two and half hours before cleaning myself up and fixing a proper breakfast.

I felt a bit depressed, and my stomach was arguing when it finally got fed proper food instead of chocolate. I was thinking of going to outside, I had to visit Citymarket, the video renting and the social office, but I was feeling too down in the dumps. It's so weird that in the mornings when I don't eat anything, I'm not worried about being grumpy and drowsy due to low blood sugar, nut in the mornings when I eat a proper breakfast I'm worried about passing out when I go outside.

I watched a little of The Lovely Bones, it made me cry again. I love that movie big time.

I decided to take a nap. I wouldn't be able to go outside for a long time, because some counselors from Laturi were going to visit me at two p.m., to check if everything is in order in my habitat.

I woke up when my cellphone rang, the two counselors asked me if it doesn't matter if they arrive an hour early. I went to open the door to the corridor and then went to the bathroom to have a long pee, I was panicked when the doorbell rang and I kept on peeing.

One of the nurses was an ordinary blonde, and the second smelled of exotic, spicy perfume and had long, curly ginger hair. I thought, that's how I want to look when I'm older.

I was a bit drowsy from sleep, so I kept on stretching my limbs, yawning, not taking eye contact and generally being a bit pallid.

After they left, I decided to get on moving so I put on my quilted jacket, woolly cap and scarf and gloves and left.

I was wearing a long, loose Tyrolean skirt a both of my pants were hung up to dry.

First I went to Citymarket and bought a chocolate bar, then I went to the video renting to return the DVD The Lovely Bones, I explained it was a day past its due time but I would pay the fee later. I took a look at the Finnish movie section, then I got out.

I was feeling wretched due to my mismatched appearance, I want to look classy rather than looking like a Romanian beggar.

I walked to the bus station, it was time for another urban adventure.

I took the bus 53 to Simonkylä and changed to the bus 611, I traveled to Kallio in Helsinki and walked along Hämeentie to the UFF thrift store I mentioned earlier; when I desire something from a peculiar shop, I like to visit the shop to see if they still have them for sale.

They had the most loveliest ankle- length Tyrolean skirts, but they didn't have one extra long black skirt with colourful trimming at the hem. I was a bit pissy about it, but they still had the lovely forget- me- not blue summer dress. I made a solid decision to buy it next week.

I took a subway train to the city center and visited the Forum shopping mall. In Hennes&Mauritz I was sweating my tits off and felt dizzy, as I always do in there. I was a bit sad to notice that they didn't have those blue nightdresses for sale anymore; I would have loved to buy one and use it as a summer dress.

I went to Backstreet, and was delighted to see that the shop assistant in charge was this lovely middle- aged woman who is almost friends with me.

I took a bus back to Myyrmäki, and once home I was very thirsty; I drank three cups of cold water to the point of having a brainfreezy.

For the rest of the evening, I just chilled. I seem to spend most of my time in front of my craptastic laptop, but I never regret it; I have lots of time to do anything else, like read, do housework or something like that. I very rarely go out for something else than just business like grocery shopping, but it doesn't matter; I don't like going out when it's still cold, in summer I am more active.

I called my mom and asked if she can buy me a proper ceiling lamp and an energy- sufficient lamp, I planned that when I come over on Sunday we can go together to Anttila in Myyrmanni. She didn't say yes, but she didn't say no either.

I didn't feel like grooming myself, so while taking the necessary warm shower in the evening I brushed my teeth and washed my hands and face while showering. Two birds at one stone.

I'm following Gaborey "Precious" Sidibe on Twitter. She seems to be a sweet person.

You have probably noticed this, but I like answering to every comment left on my LJ, just to be in contact with my friends. It's nice.
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