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You know what? I really like the album Fame Monster by Lady Gaga. I used to be proud of that I have never heard any of her songs, but out of curiosity I lent the aforementioned album from the library, and what do you know? It turned out to be a positive surprise, especially Bad Romance.

Today when I took a shower, I didn't feel as anguished as yesterday morning. There are days when THE voices leave me alone.

I went on doing housework, I washed two loads of laundry and aired my apartment as it was smelling stuffy, I also washed the dishes a while ago.

This morning I also had a proper breakfast. I hate it when I run out of grocery money, I have to eat whatever is left in the fridge.

Today I was thinking of wearing a miniskirt, but I thought it was too early, so I settled for a knee- length skirt.

After midday I visited Citymarket to buy a bar of chocolate, then the library to retrieve my requests. I decided not to go for a bus ride, I have better things to do.

As every year, I have decided to start living a healthier life; now that it's spring, I can ride my bicycle every day, so I can get more exercise. Unfortunately I can't join any gym group before my arm has healed.

Tomorrow is another payday; first I'm going to buy some groceries and such, I also have to go downtown to buy some Lumene peeling cream from Sokos, and three canvas shopping bags from DAY. They have carrier bags in discount; three bags for ten euros! I might also visit SubWay for a quick lunch. Yessuh, I am going to have an awesome day.

I wish I could eat three staple meals a day; I eat a proper breakfast, and for the rest of the day it's snacks like sandwiches, fruits and vegetables and of course, chocolate.
The problem is, I have no motivation in cooking meals; it's too hard, expensive and takes a lot of time. Not to mention, leaves enormous piles of dirty dishes.

I have to spread cortisone lotion on both of my armpits, as they have turned red and itchy.
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