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Today was kind of morbid, so to say, not only because of the rainy and cold weather.
It is also my name day and Elisa's birthday, along with the last day of April.

In the morning I got up as usual, and decided to nap on the sofa as I still felt a bit sleepy.

I had happy dreams that made me a bit maudlin, as they usually do. When I woke up, I didn't feel like I should make my life happy, I just felt like living a day after day and seeing what life has in store for me.

At midday I had to get up and dress up, and go downstairs to the home meeting despite not knowing if the home meeting would be held today.

Laura and Viljami were moving, they packed their belongings into a van in the ceaseless rain. I wished them happiness and prosperity to their new home.
I will miss Laura a lot, I hope Viljami will make her happy. And maybe I will be able to visit them?

Joonas and Janne also arrived to the home meeting. Once the counselors arrived, one of them asked why I wasn't dressed as a penguin? It took me a moment to realize that she meant the penguin fancy dress, I told her I am bored of everyone complaining about how expensive the suit was.

They had brought jam buns and Pommac along, I ate one bun and dropped a glob of raspberry jam on my capri pants. I was the first one to scurry away, I went back home to take a nap before the counselors arrived to check up my apartment.

I didn't feel like talking, I was so sleepy. After they left, I napped a little more.

About at half past four p.m. I went to Citymarket to buy two chocolate bars.

I was supposed to do housework today; wipe the desks and tables clean, take out the garbage, hoover the floor, beat the carpets, clean up the bathroom, wash the laundry... all I managed to do was to wash some clothes and change the towels and bedlinen.

When I was taking a poop, my cellphone rang and I had to answer it with my pants down. It was my father, telling me he had taken my printer to get fixed, he also wished me a happy name day.

In the evening I took a shower, then I called Suvi to tell her we shouldn't have a picnic in the local park tomorrow as the weather is cold and rainy; she agreed that I could visit her tomorrow so we could have a little picnic.

Today I picked a scab off my nose, and it started bleeding profusely; I couldn't stop it, so I had to put a band- aid on it. Le gasp!
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