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I had some weird dreams last night, both nice and not nice.

In one dream I attended this hobby group, where me and one other girl were supposed to be swallowed by Unicron (those who didn't know, he's the super villain from the 1986 Transformers movie; he's a giant monstrous robot who goes om nom nom on other planets with their inhabitants) every Saturday and be barfed out every Sunday. While waiting for him, we cracked a lot of jokes and when he arrived, we were all Yeah, there he goes again... and while inside him, we were still cheerful despite it was a bit dark and chilly inside him.

I also had a dream I was in my old grade school, I was not teased but I saw images of monsters everywhere.

When I was about to wake up, I felt a bit uncomfortable as always when I wake up from a nightmare.
Nevertheless, the pillow I bought yesterday from IKEA served me very well.

After getting up, I noticed that the time was nine in the morning, not half past four as it had been a couple of days before when I had gotten up.

I was happy to notice that I still had one chocolate bar left from yesterday! And I have also bought some lime Jello (my favorite flavor, along with grape) for Ascension day.

God, I hate holidays, especially the ones that don't require feasting on chocolate, sending cards to friends and receiving gifts. All of the libraries, shops and art museums are closed, movie theaters might be open but I'm rarely able to afford a ticket, much less rent a DVD. So I might spend the day inside bored out of my mind, and if history repeats itself I might go out for a walk and be sexually harassed.

When taking a shower, I used peeling cream on my face and hands, and conditioner for my hair as every Wednesday and Sunday.

I was thinking of dressing into a green blouse and a pair of pink pajama pants, but instead chose a pair of black pajama pants and the tank top I had bought yesterday.

After a while, I decided to go out for errands.

I went to the library to fetch my requests (the DVDs Precious and Poltergeist) and pay my fees, then I visited the video renting to return the DVD Orphan.

I went to Citymarket for grocery shopping, bought four bars of chocolate (two for today and two for tomorrow, as the shops are closed then), three pairs of skin- colored thighs, sandwich spread and a can of orange juice as I was thirsty.

Once home, before watching the movie Precious I washed the dishes and took out the garbage even though I was still a bit exhausted and sweaty from the trip. Mind, the temperature was very hot.
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