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Gee, I haven't updated for a while now.

On Tuesday evening I dyed my hair, I was originally going for a reddish purple color, but it turned out to be deep purple. Next week I will buy some hair bleach and some of my usual red hair dye, but I have been thinking of shock colors like green, or blue on the other side and pink on the other!

I ordered the DVD Tideland from CDON.com last week, and received it today. It's amazing as Terry Gilliam's movies usually are; I have also ordered the movie's soundtrack, it should arrive next week.

There are a lot of banana flies in my apartment, I guess it's a natural sign of summer.

I hate the psychotic feeling I get when my blood sugar gets low; I don't know why, I don't have diabetes.

I hate it when my friends feel bad, bad enough that they're leaving all the social network sites I frequent. I wish they didn't do that, but hey, it's their choice if they want. It's just that I'm going to miss them terribly.

I like summer, but I don't like it when it gets too hot. It makes me feel awful, along with the low blood sugar.

I really like Jell-o, my favorite flavors are lime and grape.

I wish the books Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli and Adrian Mole and the Prostate Years by Sue Townsend would be translated to Finnish soon. I own the first one and have read the last one once, now I wish to read them in Finnish.

I really like the movie Saved!, I might order it on DVD later.

I'm going to order myself a pair of boots later this year, with my extra welfare; it's just that I have lots of things to buy before that, like some notebooks, clothes and art objects, and more expensive ones like a new counterpane, coffee maker, the boots I mentioned and the nose piercing; before school starts, I'm going to have the right side of my nose pierced.

I really look up to studying in the vocational school, I'll be really happy if I'll be accepted to Keuda, a vocational school in Kerava where Suvi also studies.
The only thing that worries me is how I'll manage; I haven't studied regularly for years, and knowing my ability to deal with stress I'll quit after four days. Wish me luck.
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