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Yesterday when I was coming home to Helsinki on a train, I saw a man with long blond hair; he was wearing black eyeliner and had tiny fake diamonds on the corners of his eyes.

I can't remember if I have mentioned this, but I have decided not to have a wash in the evenings, that is, brush my teeth and wash my face and hands. Because I'm lazy, every evening when I don't do the cleansing rituals I feel guilty for neglecting myself, and besides the reason for scrubbing myself is because I want to look good and fresh; and there's no point in scrubbing myself in the evening, going to sleep and scrubbing myself as the first thing in the morning.

I had some freaky dreams; I was posing for nude pictures, and my vagina was a huge monstrosity; when I spread it in front of a mirror, I could see my hymen being a fleshy scrap.

In another dream I was attending a vocational school that resembled a mansion from the Rococo era. In the first class I had a fistfight with another girl.

In the morning I felt surprisingly good, not as murky as usually.
After bathing myself and having a breakfast, I jut decided that I should be working hard, and so I managed to do a lot of housework; wash the dishes, take out the garbage, wipe the desks and tables clean, hoover the floor, beat the carpets, air the apartment and change the bedlinen and towels.

Suvi visited me today, we had lime Jello, peppermint stick&chocolate ice cream and salt&sourcream crisps. We watched the movie Saved!, and Suvi instructed me while I created myself an account to Amazon.com. I have already added a bunch of stuffs to my wish list.

In a couple of weeks me and Suvi will go see the 3D version of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows 2, and on 22nd day when it's my "payday" we will go to Helsinki to have fun and then we'll have a sleepover at my place.
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