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I still seem to have dreams of the old summer cottage; last night I had a dream that me and my family were visiting the cottage, we had been there for three weeks and I wanted to go home, so I decided to buy a bus ticket to Vantaa and leave my family behind.

Then I had the usual nightmares about Silent Hill (Pyramid Head, Claudia Wolf and Vincent were creating havoc) and being bullied in school.

In the morning I felt miserable, as usual. It's kind of hard to forget how I was bullied by other pupils and ignored by teachers.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth and dressed neatly, today I would go see Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon and go shopping.

Before one in the afternoon, I went out and visited the bank to withdraw money, then I went to the library to pay my fees and fetch my requests; a couple of days before I had requested a few Romani- oriented children's storybooks.

I took a train to Helsinki and went to Tennispalatsi. I bought a ticket to the aforementioned movie, and decided not to buy any snack; I used to have cuts on my tongue from all the popcorn I had eaten when I went to see Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows II.

The movie was kind of confusing; there was no mention of what had happened to Mikaela Banes, and I was having a hard time keeping track of all the new Autobots; why exactly was Wheeljack named Que? Why was Megatron wearing a cape, was that supposed to be similar to Lockdown wearing a poncho?
I hope the Transformers live action movie trilogy will be that, just a trilogy. Well, I could say I liked the movie, at least it had something to do with the Transformers.

After the movie I had a headache and a blurry vision. I felt like cranking up the ol' blood sugar, so I went to Arnold's and ordered a cold- smoked salmon bagel.

I forgot that I should have gone to Sokos to buy hand lotion, but I took a bus to Myyrmäki and went to Citymarket for grocery shopping.

This evening I managed to wash the dishes. I mean, wow.
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