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Yesterday was such a fun day! I received my extra welfare, and Suvi came for an overnight visit. We had planned to spend the day shopping and visiting cafes and bars.

In the morning I went to run some errands, first to the bank to withdraw my money, then to Salvation Army to buy an 80's Marimekko dress, some may think it's ugly but it's the kind of ugly that appeals to me.

I went to Tiimari to buy a bag of bracelets and a Mentalwear notebook to use as a diary, then I went to Citymarket and bought some eatables for me and Suvi.

I spent the rest of the day tidying up, before Suvi arrived.
We took a train to Helsinki, first we went to Wrong Noodle Bar to have lunch. I had satay noodles and vegetable dumplings, Suvi had noodles with goat milk cheese. I had finished my bowl of noodles when Suvi was only halfway of her own!

I bought some raspberries from a stand, then we went to Morticia and I bought the gloves I had had my eye on for a while.

We visited a few shops, after that we went to Fazer cafe where I had a cupcake and Suvi had iced coffee.

We visited MicMac, which sells quite nice stuff. It has a large selection of earrings, I was planning to buy ones depicting bowls of banana splits.
After a long while of wandering, we finally found the gay bar DTM. I had a glass of orange juice, Suvi had strawberry margarita.
We had such fun time!

We visited a sex shop named Keltainen Ruusu (Finnish for "yellow rose"), it had far better selection than SinCity!

We took a bus back to Myyrmäki, once home it was very late so we went to sleep.

It was very hot in my apartment, we had to sleep with the window open. About at three in the morning I started to smell fresh air, but I think it was only a delusion.
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