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Pon pon wei wei pon pon wei wei

I had a dream I went to Kellokoski to see how the place has changed since I last saw it; there were lots of rock'n'roll clubs, large paintings and a huge department store selling tank tops with racist caricatures.

In another dream, I had moved into another apartment in Helsinki. Emmi the Bitchface broke in there, and the next day when I went out for errands I felt genuinely sad, but it inspired me enough to draw comics.

In another dream, I was being bullied in junior high and I punched the bully; I woke up and realized I had punched the wall next to my bed.

It was about eleven after one in the morning, and I didn't get any more sleep. I just laid awake, and about at seven o'clock I got up, took a shower, dressed up and had a breakfast.

I had thought of going to the movies today, to see Mr. Popper and Penguins, but decided not to because I just felt it isn't interesting enough. But maybe I'll go see it later this month, I also have to see Green Lantern. Too bad I missed Thor, I have heard it is very enjoyable movie so I should rent it once it's published on DVD.

I started to feel bored while waiting for the weekly money to arrive to my bank account, so I took a nap.
I put my cellphone to recharge, and when I noticed that it was already twenty five to one in the afternoon, I desperately wanted to go out for some spend- spend but my cellphone was still recharging.
After it was done, I went out for errands.

First I went to the library to return some items, some of them were already past their due date. Then I went to bank to withdraw my money, but what do you know? I had expected the usual 101 euros 25 cents, but the clerk gave me 85 euros!

I scooted to the library, booked myself a computer, logged on to my bank account and checked the balance; yes, I had received 85 euros from the social office.

I shuffled to the social office, on the verge of tears and catching for breath, and I told the receptionist that I have been swindled.

They invited Kaija (the social worker who is responsible of my peculiar account) to come over. I had never seen her face to face, she brownish black hair even though I had always thought she had copper red hair.
She wrote some numbers and equations on a piece of paper, and finally explained that because one of my welfare called hoitotuki (a welfare given to mentally or physically ill people whose illness makes them need extra help like expensive medicines, hearing aids, colostomy bags and such) had been discontinued (I had discontinued it myself because I didn't need the aforementioned welfare anymore, I need extra money but I didn't feel like cheating to get it), and that's why my weekly allowance was lowered.

Well, there was no way denying it. I had had a vague feeling that my allowance would be smaller because the welfare was cut off, but I was too stupid to realize it.

I decided to go shopping anyway. I waited for the bus 452, but I realized that I might have missed it, so I took a train.

Once in Helsinki, I went to Sokos and bought a toothbrush, toothpaste, hair dye, bath sponge, panty liners and body peeling cream. After that I went to Kamppi shopping center and bought opium poppy scented incense sticks from Aurinko, I had ran out of them this morning. I also bought a wreath made of plastic flowers, I would wear it to SlutWalk this weekend. The flowers are white ones I have seen in funerals, I think they're called hardy arums.

I took a bus back to Myyrmäki, once there I went grocery shopping. I bought household paper, biodegradable garbage bags, two packets of Reese's cups, white bread, rye bread, sandwich spread, tomatoes, tangerines and a can of hazelnut- almond- rice milk.

Once home, I put everything on their right places, treated myself with Reese's cups and watched Tideland.

Later the day I decided to go cycling; I have made a decision to go for a bike ride or a walk every day.

First I went to the pharmacist to pick up new dose of Solian, then I visited Citymarket to look at chapsticks. I have been wondering; I could buy an apple- shaped basket from Cruel Age, adorn it with Hello Kitty stickers and put my chapsticks in there?

I rode my bicycle to Myllymäki and back. I went to Myyrmanni, visited Citymarket to buy a Magnum Gold?! ice cream and a box of matches.

I also went to Tarjoustalo and saw the cutest dressing gown ever; pink with cute little bats! I am buying it next week.
After that, I went to Faunatar, a pet shop to take a look at the ginny pigs. They were so cute! But I don't think I'll ever get one of my own because I want to be loyal to the memory of my dearest Marvin.
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