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I really enjoy my life nowadays. The only thing I'd like to change is how I am always out of money, but at least I can afford food and other basic needs. And I know it will change once I finish my studies and get a job.

Today I didn't have to do any housework because I had done it all yesterday, even cleaned up the bathroom and dusted the carpets which I usually do on Sundays. I still remember how I once did three days worth of housework in less than five hours!

I washed some clothes this morning and after hanging them, I went to meet my parents. I was thinking of taking a bus to Martinlaakso, but I decided I would rather ride my bicycle there.

It was a bit cloudy, and nicely warm, not scorching hot.

Once home, mom made me some lunch. My parents have already begun the renovation, they have torn off all the wallpaper from their room and dad painted the ceiling yesterday.

After a while, my parents went out as they were taking some flowers to my grandparents' grave. When they were away, I took a shred of the torn wallpaper because I wanted to remember it.

I took a nap, brewed myself some peppermint flavored green tea (I love strong, sweet peppermint tea) and wrote to my diary. After my parents came home, I stayed for a little while until I was off.

I bicycled to Myyrmäki, once home I fetched my laundry from the drying room downstairs. I fixed myself some snack, ironed some laundry, sprayed some air freshener into my cupboard that smelled a bit stale.
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