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I have been kind of sad the past few days, ever since there was some trouble with the social office. It's so weird how easily I get depressed.

This morning I felt so sleepy I could have gone to bed right after I got up from it, but decided to have a wash and dress up and go to bed after that.

Later one of the counselors from Laturi came over. We talked about the things and stuff that has been bothering me the past few days, I was pretty silent because I was still drowsy.

After he left, I slept a bit more. I felt like I had no reason to get up; I had to clean up my apartment like every weekend, but I didn't feel like up to it.

I decided to go for a walk, it was such a blessed Saturday afternoon. And I'm glad I did, it saved my day.

I walked all the way to Pähkinärinne, didn't even stop to rest. My legs were straining, the back of my dress was slimy with sweat but it felt good. It was worth it.
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