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So okay, you guys, my "friend" xxsomeoneelsexx booted me off her flist because I had Tweeted "Hurricane Irene for president!". On my behalf, I removed her from my flist and banned her. Too bad I can't ban her from commenting on my entries in other communities.

I know I have a twisted sense of humor and sometimes I may offend someone when expressing it, but I don't mean to offend anyone personally.

She's the second friend I have lost when I have made a joke about natural disasters; when I joked about the tsunami in Japan, and wrote "thank you for pwning in Pearl Harbor ♥", my long- time friend naggingfishwife deleted me from her friends and blamed me that I had written that Japan deserved the disaster because of Pearl Harbor, which I did NOT write.

I always seem to make my friends offended. It's seems to be a fucking curse.

Why does one need friends, anyway? I am better off alone, so I won't hurt anyone.
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