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To continue to the post about my friends leaving me because of the jokes I have made, I have been thinking that if I made a joke about my Mexican working for less than your Mexican, what did a Roma woman say when someone stole her purse or how you could use a starving Ethiopian to rake your lawn, would they laugh or would they think I am an insensitive cunt, even the ones who are not of the aforementioned nationality?
I mean, when I made a joke about the tsunami in Japan, my friend naggingfishwife removed me from her flist. I find it rather weird because she is not Japanese, she has never been to Japan, she has never been affected by a tsunami.

It's just that I find humor to be one of the best ways to cope with the ills of society. I like to say that if demented pensioners and criminals were to change their institution between themselves, demented pensioners would live in a palace and criminals would get the punishment they deserve.
I know I am being offensive, but I don't aim to offend anyone personally. More like, I seek out people who have the same kind of sense of humor, and by no means I am implying that if you don't like my jokes you don't have any sense of humor at all. Humor is, after all, based on mindsets and opinions, just like dress sense and music taste. And there is no "proper sense of humor" just like there are no correct opinions.

I know I am being an asshole, but after all, this is the Internet. There are lots of stupid fucks about, and there's no point in creating drama by arguing on the Internet.
I have read entries that blame rape victims for deserving to be raped, and bully victims blamed for being cry- baby pussies who lack the balls to stand up for themselves. If I come across such writing, I click on another link rather than arguing. Even if I think they are wrong and offensive, I let them be. If I start arguing, they will only be all "LOL HATERS GONNA HATE" and blame me for PMSing, or whatever.
After all, arguing on the Internet is like winning in paralympics; even if you win, you're still retarded.
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