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Alright, I guess it's time I wrote something else than that emo bullshit I have been posting. I'm sorry, sometimes it just gets to me.

Yesterday evening, after going to bed, I tossed and turned from one side to another.
I decided to go scavenging through my stuff once again, but the only thing I could find was an old embroidered coin purse.

I took two chill pills and fell asleep, in the morning I had wobbly legs but otherwise I felt fine.

I went to the Post Museum today, there was an exhibition about Finnish comics.
I also visited UFF in Hämeentie, I fitted two Tyrolean dresses; blue and pink one that was too tight, and the light purple dress I have had my eye on for a while. I am going to buy it next week, to complete my Jeliza- Rose cosplay.

I thought of visiting DAY in Bulevardi, but I had to go back to Myyrmäki as the night school class would begin soon.

I took the bus 452K to Myyrmäki, once home I ate chocolate and surfed on the Internet.

Once in night school, I was told that after I have completed the biology class, I will get my diploma in no time. I am going to hold a graduation party, after all it took me seven years to complete my high school!

The biology class was nice and smooth. I heard the thunder rumble a few times, but luckily it didn't rain when I walked home.

I have decided not to skip any of the biology classes, even if in night school teachers are not so scrupulous about attending the classes, meaning that they don't keep a track of them. But if you still skip classes, your succession in school will go down the hill.

Once home, I ate chocolate and surfed on the Internet. I am quite content with my life now, setting aside the occasional bouts of GRRR, BAWW and Y O Y.

I have decided to start drinking oat milk, I hate the idea of drinking regular milk as it has a greasy taste and it makes my breath smell. Not to mention that I hate the idea of drinking something that came out of a cow's udders... bleh. I find it weird that humans drink milk from other species, I mean, no other mammal or primate does that.
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