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Chubacabra Express

Viivi "Marenki" Lajunen writes a diary after finishing high school. She is best friends with a girl named Sanne- Maria "Salka" Ylinen, and the two spend the summer having fun. But when the college starts in autumn, both girls are haunted by memories from their past, Viivi having bullied her best friend Salka in grade school.
Salka turns to self- harming and ends up in a mental ward, and the book ends with Viivi taking Salka to their favorite coffee shop after Salka is released from the hospital. The future is uncertain, but at least the girls have managed to conserve their friendship.

Ei ole Elmerillä hyvä päivä (It seems like Elmeri is not having a good day)

Elmeri is a 16- year- old boy, who never seems to have a good day. He is a loner who is bullied in school, her widowed mother is hysterical work addict and tends to yell at him and his autistic little brother Antti, who also never seems to have a good day.
One day Elmeri poisons his mother's apple cider with his brother's behavior medicines, packs their stuff and run away.
After a while, they move to live with an old Roma woman Rosa- Marie, in a apartment house where they meet lots of weird people; Jenny, middle- aged woman and best friend to Rosa- Marie, Liisukki, a teenage girl whom Elmeri has a crush on, and Uka, an old drunkard who sits in a snowdrift and telling passers- by that he's going to marry Jenny some day, while Jenny is completely unaware of the man's existence.
Elmeri's mother finds the boys after becoming sober and finding a decent husband, and after that their life turns to better. At the end, Elmeri becomes engaged to Liisukki and they start raising his little brother together. After that, Elmeri seems to have good days after good days.

Kaikki turha rakkauteni (All of my useless loving)

Probably the most intense novel I am writing.
Viktor Aleksei Putina is a young man with transvestite tendencies that he desperately wants to keep as a secret. He is described as a pale, skinny boy who is so lonely that he wished he would be bullied in school, while he dreams of being Viktoria, a beautiful young girl who is loved by everyone.
He lives in the Soviet Union with his family, Stalinist parents papa Mihail and mama Petra, twin sister Miriam and their grandparents Babushka and Djedushka.
In 1990 when the Soviet Union falls apart along with their cozy home life, Mama takes Viktor and Miriam along and they move to Finland as immigrants, where their life seems to get worse. Mama, formerly an elementary school teacher tries to thrive as a cleaning lady, Miriam adopts a rebel persona moves to London, and Viktor becomes increasingly troubled and introverted while being bullied by his high school mates.
Life goes on and things seem to get better, Mama gets a job as a secretary to the incredibly handsome and charming Vasilj, but after Mama is diagnosed with breast cancer and becomes depressed, Vasilj turns out to be suffering from antisocial disorder and takes out his anger on Viktor in forms of mental, physical and sexual abuse.
When Viktor tries to jump off a bridge to end his life, he is stopped by a Christian man named Martti Hämäläinen.
After a while, Viktor learns that Martti is a homosexual and has feelings for Viktor. At first Viktor is a bit queasy but then their love becomes mutual. He moves in with Martti who loves her intensely, cooks and cleans for him and ushers him to study and get a job.
Even though Viktor's future seems to be secured, his past continues to haunt him and Viktoria turns out to be a side personality who is deemed to turn Viktor from a shy, prim and proper young boy into a deviate, cold- hearted hedonist.

Katkesi siivet unelmilta (roughly translated: The wings dreams broke off)

Minna is a young girl, who has been in a mental ward ever since she became old enough to be admitted in. She likes to dress in colorful, old- fashioned clothes that hide her personality; due to a deeply troubled past she has grown to be frustrated and sulky.
After she becomes 18 years old, she is transferred to another ward where she doesn't feel better; however, she develops a romantic interest to another patient named George, a jovial Afro- American man in his late 50's who used to be a jazz pianist. George, who has never lost his trust in life and better times shows Minna a world where she doesn't need to grow a hard surface to shield her vulnerable self.

Oikeus itkeä (the right to weep)

Based on my life in junior high. Maiju Sorsa is a thirteen- year- old girl in junior high, her best friend is Satu.
Maiju is shy, polite and smart, while Satu is noisy and rude and has a tendency to make fun of Maiju in a very degrading and abusive way.
Satu encourages other students to turn against Maiju, the teachers refuse to help, and the story reaches a climax when Satu frames Maija as a criminal to save her own skin, and the story ends with both girls grown up, Satu being successful in her life and Maiju being unemployed and mentally unstable.
It might be my only novel where the troubled protagonist fails at life and the antagonist succeeds.

Ratapihan remmin kootut toilaukset (the collected fooleries of the gang from the railway yard)

In a small conservative town lives a bunch of men who live and work in a railway yard; Onni Valtonen, a stereotypical beer- bellied libertine of a man; Eelis, a Jewish man who is painfully shy and goofy but thrives to be kind and hard- working; Ilja- Pirkka, a young man who is mostly known for his golden hair, sky blue eyes and cherry lips; Erno, an ill- tempered miser known for his tendency to calm his nerves by smoking bad- smelling tobacco; Jooga, a Hare Khrisna; Ilari, a hippie; and Into, the token black guy.
The novel follows their lives without plot, mostly focusing on everyday mishaps such as their toilet becoming blocked, trying to seduce women without getting slapped, getting stuck in a sofa and trying to cope with each other.
At the climax of the book, the railway line is canceled and the railway yard is supposed to be demolished. After the men try to drown their worries by drinking themselves silly, Ilja- Pirkka meets a young eccentric woman whom he accidentally impregnated, and after a few difficulties he engages the woman and moves away from the railway yard. The other men realize that none of them want to spend the rest of their lives in a filthy railway yard, so everyone of them move away and their lives turn into better.

Rude Boy

Ronja, a lovely young woman has a dilemma; "she" wants be a "he", a lovely young man named Roope, known by his friends as Rude Boy, by his enemies as Girl Arms.
He spends most of his time posing as a man, trying to bind his chest and lying that he has an upset stomach while menstruating, and trying to be as much as a man without being macho.
Since he came out of the closet to his parents, they kicked him out and he moved to live with his auntie Amelia, who is a sophisticated lap dancer.
Roope works hard to pay for his female- to- male sex exchange, while hanging out with his mulatto friend Alpo and enjoying his young life.
Roope falls in love with an angry young woman Viivi, who has "devil red angel curls and eyes green like four- leaf clovers", and tries to convince her that he is the man for her.
Roope's true identity is exposed when a transphobic gang attacks him, but he narrowly escapes.
At the end of the book, Roope has his surgery and wakes up in the hospital where he is congratulated by Amelia, Alpo, Viivi and his closest friends, and decides that no matter what disasters will happen in his life, he will get by with love and friendship.

Vadelma ja salmiakki (Raspberry and salmiakki)

Minerva, a hippie girl is as sweet as a raspberry and Monika, a goth girl is as fiery is a salmiakki drop. They are like Yin and Yang, determined to be Best Friends Forever.
After Minerva falls in love with a beatnik man named Jopo, in his early sixties, Monika gets jealous and falls in love with a biker. While Minerva is smitten by his Nowhere Man, Monika gets into trouble.
At the end of the book, after heated rows and broken hearts, Monika arrives at her friend's wedding and feels proud for her, and determines to set her life straight.

Perskärpänen (literally "Ass fly", an idiom for an outsider who is always trying to hang around with the in- crowd)

My memoirs about leukemia, schizophrenia, bullying and my personal thoughts about different things. I am determined to write it during my life and publishing it when I am a pensioner.
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