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On Thursday evening I, once again, had to swallow two chill pills to get sleep. I hate my insomnia, I can't see why it bothers me as I have no severe worries to keep me awake and I take my pills every evening. Brain chemistry is a weird thing.

After getting up at about half past eight I, once again, turned on my laptop before completing my morning routines. I have, once again, been busy on the Internet so I need to check my e- mails and my friends' updates often.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face while taking a shower to save time as I would have an appointment with my nurse today.
I still have an awful lot of rash on my bosom, my skin is getting all tough. If the rash continues to develop, it's starting to look like armor shield.

I visited my own nurse today, in the waiting room I met Pia- Maria and asked her to come to my graduation party. I also fetched my Ketipinor prescription, I am buying them next week.

I talked to Satu about my memories of school bullying and sexual assaults, and asked her to appoint a doctor so I can get a statement for the sterilization surgery and also for applying for more welfare.

After the session I went to the library to fetch two of my requests; the soundtrack to Kick- Ass! and the DVD Boys Don't Cry:

In the afternoon I visited IKEA, I have been planning to buy more kitchenware, dessert bowls and a living room table, and maybe a small carpet to keep my shoes on so they won't get the floor all dirty.
I also need to buy a portable dishwasher, I have found one proper and affordable but I need to ask my parents to pay at least half of it.

Once home, I watched the movie I had lent and ate chocolate.
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