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Yesterday evening I dyed my hair, I was very satisfied with the result. I dyed it with the usual Schwarzkopf Color XXL hair dye, shade 35 Real Red.

Before going to bed I turned the lights off except for my bedside lamp, and I was literally alone in the dark.
I hate being so lonely all the time. I have very little friends if you don't count my online friends, but there are million miles between us.
I have real friends too, but they're too busy with their own lives to stay in touch with me.

Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend or a girlfriend, sometimes I wish I would never fall in love.

Today I did nothing else than just napped all day and later went for an urbane adventure around the town.

I wish I didn't have these sweet cravings all the time, they make my everyday life hell.
Tags: angst, random thoughts
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