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I'm on a roll, so I'll update again.

I know it's getting quite late and I still haven't dusted the carpets, cleaned up the bathroom or washed the dishes, I will do them tomorrow in case I don't nap all day again.
I really enjoy doing housework, but sometimes beginning to do it is a bigger task than actually doing it.

My apartment smells a bit weird; now that I have ventilated it, there's a fresh smell. Some places, especially near the dustbins there's a putrid smell and some places it smells like incense or air freshener.

I still have pimples even though I wash my face every morning and evening and use moisture cream, and at least try to have a proper diet. Nevertheless, I enjoy popping my pimples.

Tomorrow I will do the housework I didn't do today, and maybe go for a walk or a bike ride if the weather is nice. I don't know if I will go to Helsinki, I don't usually do that on Mondays.

Sometimes I wish art museums were open on Mondays. Which reminds me, I still need to buy that membership card for Tennispalatsi art museum, along with Amos Anderson art museum. I better add both of them to my shopping list.

On Tuesday when I receive my allowance, I will buy a shitton of groceries to serve me for the week, and with the rest of the allowance I will buy Tyrolean clothes.
On the week after next week I will buy new boots along with proper insoles for them; I have had the habit of purchasing Footbalance insoles every time I purchase a new pair of shoes, because they make the boots more comfortable to wear.

The evenings are getting darker. I guess it's a part of autumn.
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