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This morning I woke up probably at two a.m, and found it hard to fall back asleep.

Once I fell asleep, I had a dream I was practicing downhill skiing, I was sliding down the snowy hill on my skis yelling "Oiii!". It was such a funny dream that I woke up laughing.

In another dream, a mature woman taught me to masturbate with my fingers. I woke up to an intense orgasm.

I decided to take up a new habit in doing morning routines; right after getting up, I took my medication and made my bed, and right after that I took a shower.

I used hair conditioner and peeling cream on my face, hands, body and lips.

I cooked myself a breakfast, after that I started doing housework; I beat the carpets, cleaned up the bathroom, washed the dishes, ironed the laundry, washed one load of laundry... I think that's all. It's not hard doing housework once you just get a grip of yourself and actually do it.

After I was done, I went to the social office to drop off my cellphone bill, then I went to the health center in the same building and visited a nurse to talk about my sweet cravings.
She advised me to buy zinc or chrome tablets, and also said that I should start cooking regular meals so my blood sugar won't wreak havoc on me.

I was thinking of going to Jumbo, but then I decided to go for a walk. After a while, I decided to turn back and go home to cook a meal.

When I was walking through the shopping mall, I ran into Elise! I was so delighted to see her!

We went to Café Bretagne to meet Laura, Viljami and Piia along with her daughter Sofia. Piia left soon, because Sofia had a touch of flu. Viljami left too, and we waited for Pia- Maria to show up. After I while I left them because I was hungry and I had to go home to cook lunch.

After lunch, I took a nap and after getting up I decided to go bicycling.

It was a typical autumn day, the sky was grey, it was raining slightly, the trees were changing color and there was the smell of rich soil everywhere.

I rode my bicycle all the way to Vantaanpuisto, then I turned back.

I visited the library and lent two books, then I went home.

I think today was such a good day.
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