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I had dreams of roller derby, and that I had grown weird tumors on the backside of my right tight, they kind of resembled the "nipples" on cow's udders.
Then I had the typical sexual dreams and Silent Hill nightmares.

I have taken up the habit of washing the dishes every morning, after finishing my breakfast. Some mornings I don't feel washing them, but then I just do it and it's over.

I don't remember if I have told this before, but during Oktoberfest, the UFF thrift stores in Finland sell Tyrolean clothes for 5 euros apiece! I love Tyrolean clothes, so I had to buy some. I made a plan to buy one purple dress, one pink and one brown.

After washing the dishes and hanging the laundry, I was off. I intended to take the bus 452 to Helsinki, but I the last bus had just gone and I had to wait for about half an hour for the next one.

It kept on raining like hell, the autumnal storm had been predicted in newspapers. Luckily it was over in a while and I didn't get wet.

I took the bus 452 to Helsinki, got off at Mannerheimintie and visited the UFF store. They didn't have any interesting dresses, so I left.

While waiting for a bus to the city center, it started drizzling slightly. I found it nice to turn my gaze against the wind and let the raindrop fall on my face, it felt like little faeries giving kisses to me.

The next bus to arrive was 453, it was a short journey to the city center. I went to Kiasma to visit the bathroom, then I took the subway train to Hakaniemi.

In Hakaniemi UFF store I found two dresses, one pink and one purple. I bought them and continued the subway journey to Itäkeskus.

I found nothing interesting in Itäkeskus UFF, so I took the subway to Kamppi.

My trip was completed when I went to the UFF in Runeberginkatu, I found a brown dress!

I was thinking of visiting the UFF store in Fredrikinkatu, but I was getting tired and hungry so I decided to visit Heluna and then take a bus home.

I took a tram to Heluna, bought a grape bubblegum flavored Crazy Rumors lip balm and asked the shop assistant to book a pair of biker boots for me, and she gave me a free pair of insoles as a part of the deal. I decided that I wouldn't buy the custom Footbalance insoles as they are very expensive, as I got one pair of vegan insoles for free.

I took the bus 452K to Myyrmäki, once home I changed my clothes and wore the brown dress. It was a bit tight around the midriff, but I didn't mind.

I made some kidney bean stew for lunch, and noticed too late that the onions I had bought a long while ago had turned rotten, so I decided to throw them away.

After finishing my late lunch, the time was already almost six in the evening. I decided to go meet my parents as every Wednesday.

I visited the mall to buy a bar of salmiakki filled chocolate, then I took the bus 56 to Martinlaakso.

My mom was home, she was wearing her pajamas and emptying the dishwasher. I drank a cup of cocoa and wrote to my diary, after a while dad came home from work.

My parents are going for a vacation in Florida for the next two weeks, they are leaving on Sunday morning. I promised to visit them to sort out their mail.

After I left, I was thinking of walking home but then I started to feel a bit bad; my stomach was churning and I was farting to the point of having a thunderstorm in my underpants.

I decided to take the bus 36 to Myyrmäki, and went home. I took my meds, changed into my pajamas, had a wash and I might watch Antichrist and then go to sleep.
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