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Last night I finished watching the movie Antichrist. It was goddamn awesome and gorgeous, the kind of surrealistic movie I like. My favorite scene was the final scene.

I had dreams of the musical Starlight Express and roller derby combined; I was a goofy Hurl Scout who kept on bumping on everything, much to the dismay of other carriages. I was transferred to Victoria Station after CB the Red Caboose was fired.

I had a typical reoccurring dream, I was in Myyrmanni shopping mall checking out the Christmas decorations and boxes of chocolate.

In the morning, as every Thursday, when taking a shower I used hair conditioner and peeling cream on my face and hands, and I was halfway rubbing it on my body when I realized that I only use peeling cream on my body on Mondays.

After finishing breakfast, I washed the dishes and ironed my laundry. After finishing housework, I turned my laptop on, logged on to my online bank account and noticed that mom had given me the money she had promised. I transferred it from my savings to my deposit, and then I was off.

Now that summer is over, I have started wearing my kitty hoodie and striped scarf instead of My Little Pony Goes Rock hoodie and PLO scarf.

I went to the shopping mall and visited a cash point to withdraw money, reloaded my traveling card and went shopping for necessities such as a brush and detergent for washing the dishes, hand cream and a few chocolate bars.

Once home, I warmed some of the bean stew I had cooked yesterday for lunch, it gave me a lot of gas but I didn't mind as farting is one of my favorite pastimes.

I did some housework, and went to the night school.

I'm not sure if I am motivated towards studying; I know it's important, but I find studying very hard as I have a short attention span and besides, it's very hard to actually remember everything you have been told during a lesson.
My way of studying for tests is like bulimia; I devour information and barf it onto the test paper and then forget it.
I guess that once I start studying in the vocational school, I will get used to it.

I have decided not to wear makeup anymore, I hate how I can't rub my eyes without getting my eyeliner smudged.

I ordered the Maureen Medved book Tracey Fragments from CDON.com, I might order the DVD later.

I think I'm going through another identity crisis that might develop into a multiple personality disorder; I want to treat other people in a friendly, gentle and loving way, but it's turning out to be very hard when other people treat me the opposite.
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