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I had such weird dreams that I don't care writing about them, but I might mention that I had a dream of playing Silent Hill 3 and being in Heaven.

After getting up and doing all the morning routines, I went to Citymarket and bought panty liners and shampoo, the Fructis shampoo I had been using made my hair tangled when I was using it, and it gave me a hard time brushing my hair after getting out of the shower.

I returned a couple of DVDs to the library, Tracey Fragments and Solomon Kane, they were both so badly scratched that they couldn't be viewed.

I took a bus to Helsinki, bought a birthday card for opethian23 from Idea Forum (I had already bought Jamie a card but I wrote his old address on it) and a chocolate softie ice cream.
For a while I just walked around, enjoying the brisk autumn air, and wondering how I could make ends meet.

I took a bus home, sent derkapitan's birthday card, went to the book shop where I ran into Tintti and Neena. We talked for a while, and then I went home.

I warmed the rest of the bean stew, went for a bike ride and then went to Citymarket to buy some ingredients for the aforementioned bean stew.

I find it weird that no matter how good care I take of my skin, use facial wash, lotion, peeling cream and masks, I still have a shit load of pimples. I have been thinking of wearing makeup again, it gave me a lot of self- confidence even if it's just glitter and eyeliner.

It's so intolerable how the memories from the school bullying still continue to haunt me.
When I was in school and told the teachers about the bullying, all of them always said the same thing; "Don't care about them". But I was only a kid, how would I have known how to deal with gruff 15- year- old boys who called me a "stupid cow" and "goddamn whore"?
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