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I caught cold last evening, my throat is sore, my nose runs, my stomach feels upset and I feel this weird pressure in my head. I also have sneezed a few times.
Physically I feel like crap, but mentally I feel better than yesterday. It's nice to have a day off when I can just lay in my bed writing a diary, watch movies and so on.

This morning I woke up early, feeling very cruddy. I decided not to go out today, just stay at home and do something that makes me happy. Fortunately I had went grocery shopping yesterday, so I wouldn't need to starve at home.

Tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping again; I have to buy grated cheese and a cabbage, I need the cheese for the stew I am making and the cabbage for the salad.
I also need to visit Heluna to buy the pair of shoes I booked last week, even if I am still sick tomorrow.
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