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This morning I woke up early, feeling very very cruddy. I knew it was flu, because I had had a sore throat last evening.

My nose and ears feel stuffed up, my stomach is upset, and if my head just split apart there would be nothing but tons of snot inside it.

I think today was a bit nice, I just napped, listened to music, watched movies, surfed on the Internet and took pain killer cocktails.

I washed dishes, ironed some clothes and washed a load of laundry, so I have been kind of productive today.

I couldn't eat much, because if I tried to eat I threw it up almost instantly.

I hope I feel better tomorrow because I need to go buy the new shoes I had booked last week, visit the library to return some items and then go to Citymarket to buy some groceries.

It seems that I won't be able to go to the night school for a week. That sucks so bad, I had made a decision to attend every single lesson so I will be able to get a good grade and my high school diploma as soon as possible.
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