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This morning I, once again, woke up at half past five. Ever since I caught cold I have been waking up at that time every single morning.

My nose was so stuffed that I couldn't breathe through it, I had breathed through my mouth all night to the point where my throat was dry and burning.

I took the bedsheets and towels to the laundry basket as every Saturday, went back to bed and slept till ten o'clock in the morning.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, took a shower, dressed up and had breakfast. I really can't see why my face is all rugged like a piece of sandpaper, pimples and all, no matter how much I use lotions and stuff.

Amidst of checking my Tumblr dashboard, I decided to take a nap. I didn't mind if I slept all the way to evening, I was too ill to do housework today.

After getting up, I warmed some bean stew for lunch, and decided that next week I am going to cook something else. I mean, I have been eating nothing but the bean stew for lunch the past three weeks. Next week I'll make potato mash or Italian stew.

I did nothing special today, just stayed inside. I have blown my nose for goddess knows how many times, and I have already run out of tissues so I have to use household paper.

A couple of days ago when I looked into a mirror, I noticed that the dark circles around my eyes are a bit lighter.

I have decided that once I recover from this flu, I will never ever complain about my life being boring now that I know it could be worse.
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