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I had a dream that me and a poor little girl wandered through the streets of Helsinki, I carried her on my arms and promised to buy her new shoes.
I also had a dream of my dead guinea pig, I won't stop missing him.

I was glad I got up early, so I wouldn't have to eat my breakfast at half past two in the afternoon.

When taking a shower, I used conditioner on my hair and peeling cream on my face, hands, body and lips.

I wore my pink Tyrolean dress for the first time, it fit me very well.

I had a breakfast, washed some laundry and wrote a shopping list for Tuesday.

I sent norsu_neiti's birthday card and visited the library to return a stack of books.

Later the day I went to Laturi for the monthly meeting; I took the bus 52 to Simonkylä.

I traveled on a few buses before returning to Myyrmäki. Once home, I listened to some songs by Weird Al Yankovic on YouTube.

I called routaneito, we had a hearty talk and decided that on Wednesday we could go to a pizza restaurant because Suvi has discount coupons. We also agreed that Suvi should visit me on Sunday after she has returned from Tallinn.

I have been feeling kind of happy and optimistic these days, I hope it continues.
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