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I had a dream where my paternal aunt's family lived in Rajatorppa, a town right next to Myyrmäki, and I went to visit them often because I was so interested in my cousin Siiri's room; she had more art objects, knick- knacks and stuff than me! While they were away, I was thinking of stealing them all but then I thought that I wouldn't do that to my own cousin.

In the morning when I woke up, I was feeling healthier but soon after I got up I started coughing and my nose started running.
I had blown my nose on every single Kleenex, piece of household/toilet paper and I had to dig up old Kleenexes from my dustbin so I wouldn't have to blow my nose on printer paper.

After having a wash, I dressed into comfortable clothes as every Tuesday when I have to do excessive grocery shopping.

I cooked myself a breakfast, cleaned the stove, folded the laundry and washed the dishes.

When I finally received the money, I went to the bank to withdraw it, about 73 euros.
Then I went to Citymarket and bought everything I needed for this week, as a result I had to haul two super heavy shopping bags up the Kitler hill. Once home, my clothes were damp with sweat, my nose was generating tons of snot and my arms shook pretty badly, and I thought that this was the hardest task I have ever done.

I started cooking lunch, I read the recipe wrong and added 2,5 liters of water when I was supposed to add 2,5 deciliters! I knew I could have done it again, but I was so disappointed, frustrated and tired that I decided to have ice cream for lunch.

Too bad I noticed I had bought mint and chocolate ice cream instead of the peppermint stick and chocolate ice cream I had wanted. Way to go, dumbass.

I decided to go visit IKEA before the night school lesson.

It was the most loveliest autumn day, the sun was shining from a completely cloudless sky.

I took the bus 530 to IKEA, and visited the cafe to buy a bag of salted crisps, a cinnamon roll and an organic elderberry juice box. I also bought a Signe carpet to put on the floor and keep my shoes on it.

I took a bus back to Myyrmäki and visited Citymarket to buy some groceries I had forgotten to buy on midday.

Once home, I decided not to go to the night school, I was too exhausted and my stomach hurt because of the ice cream.

Yesterday I felt so good, today I mostly felt rotten. I hope tomorrow will be better.
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