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Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: BFF

How long have you had your best friend?

I met routaneito during my 5th grade, we both took part in this class where we were supposed to go to a zoo, we had to think up and animal and make questions about its natural habitat and then have those questions answered by the animal caretakers.
I liked Suvi because she had a wicked sense of humor despite I was a bit shy then, I don't know but we matched right when we met.

During our friendship through the years we experienced problems when growing up, but I won't write about them because I don't want to remember bad things about our friendship.

And I might add that me and Suvi have always been like Yin and Yang; in grade school Suvi was a dark goth and I was a cheerful hippie, nowadays Suvi is an elegant lady and I am a scruffy beatnik :D
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