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Last Friday I ordered a little something from CDON.com; an album named Pure nenääs! [go bite your nose!] by a famous Finnish humorist Simo "Spede" Pasanen who died in 2001.
It contains humorous radio plays from early 60's in which Spede himself has conversations with a talking parrot named G. Pula- Aho (the G. stands for "Gunnhild", it's a woman's name even if the parrot is male).
The parrot talks to Spede about his adventures with women, alcohol and trying out different occupations, usually he just ridicules Spede.

It arrived yesterday, I have also ordered the music album My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess by Kimya Dawson, it should arrive soon.

Last night I had one of my most reoccurring dreams; one day, out of the blue, I decided to ride my bicycle all the way to Rautalampi just because I thought it might be fun to see how the place has changed. I wouldn't do that in real life, because-> Photobucket I am near Helsinki and Rautalampi is where the red arrow points at. (From Google Maps)

Once there, I almost fell on my ass out of pure amazement, the one- horse town had been dramatically modernized and resembled something between Prague and Manhattan.
Then I woke up.

It's so annoying how in the morning I wake up feeling healthy, but soon after I get up I start coughing and blowing my nose again.

After a while I decided to go back to bed because I felt sleepy, I didn't bother with the idea that I would once again sleep all the way to the evening which is not appropriate on a day when I have lots of things to do.

After a while I got up and started doing the morning routines. I brushed my teeth and washed my face, while taking a shower I used peeling cream on my face and hands and conditioner on my hair. I was a bit grumpy because I washed myself a bit sloppily, I am a sort of a perfectionist and get all huffy when something goes wrong.

After I had dressed up, I got a call from Laturi. A counselor told me that the trip to Porvoo had to be cancelled, I was a bit disappointed but as I like to do nowadays, I thought of the plus sides; I don't have to get up early because the bus leaves at half past nine, and now I can use the money I had gotten from my parents for the trip for something else!

After having a breakfast, I washed the dishes. After I had turned on my laptop, I paid the bill for the CD I had mentioned and then I was off.

First I went to the bank to withdraw all the money, then I went shopping; I bought Depends nail serum from Cubus, a nail clipper and a comb and a box of chocolates from Citymarket.

Once home, I didn't bother with cooking a lunch, I ate the chocolates and spread some serum on my nails, and listened to the Pure nenääs! album before going to the night school.

After the lesson, I went back to the mall and bought a silver felt- tip pen and an eraser from the bookshop. Then I went to Citymarket and bought a bottle of Lumene face tonic.

Once home, I still didn't bother with cooking.

Photos coming later, stay tuned!
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