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My most reoccurring dreams

I am wandering in a place where I have been before and it has evoked feelings, such as the town where my first high school was or the kind of towns where my relatives live.
Those kind of towns include Munkkiniemi (where I used to go to psychotherapy), Hämeenkylä (where I used to go to high school), Tikkurila (it plays no special part in my life, but I have been there often) , Kouvola (I have never been there and still have some sort of image of it in my dreams), Tampere, Hämeenlinna and Kangasala (my relatives live there).

I also have dreams of being bullied in school; mostly they are the kind of dreams that despite having almost finished high school, I have to take some classes in junior high because, well, bureaucracy. All of my old class mates are there too, and they haven't aged; they're still the butt- ugly porkers they used to be.
Once I had a dream of junior high; I was wandering through the corridors dressed in biblical fashion, that is sack cloth and ashes, and all of the other pupils had turned into Silent Hill- esque monsters; they had no facial features except huge toothy grins.
I also have a reoccurring dream about elementary school in which I am running through the halls from monsters that resemble much those story- book creeps with orange and purple fur, three eyes and horns and huge claws.

Some of my reoccurring dreams can be pleasant; often I have dreams of riding my bicycle through a sunny town, and I am so happy I am laughing out loud.

I also have very sexual dreams; I am gangbanged by handsome men or having sex with my female online friends, and some of my dreams express urophilia; I am peeing on my hand and rubbing it all over my breasts.

When I was younger, I used to have dreams where I was about to be crushed by a train and I felt my body was so heavy that I couldn't drag myself off the railroad.

I really love my mind.
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