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♥ I am posting my entries on FaceBook again.

♥ I have had numerous erotic nightmares of Eddie Dombrowski from the Silent Hill 2 game for a while now; I am wearing a red and black gothic ballgown, and I comfort him as he always seems to be morose because of being bullied. He falls in love with me because I am the only one who shows kindness towards him; soon we start making out and then we start making babies, and he always has a hard time rolling up the hem of my ballgown and I have a hard time finding his junk under his stomach flabs.

♥ I have been asked if I like or hate porn. And I tell you; depends. If it's mainstream porn with big busted blonde babes faking lesbian acts, icky. If it's yaoi fan art like Heavy/Medic from Team Fortress 2 or Prowl/Lockdown from Transformers: Animated, yum. As you might know by now, I enjoy gay porn. I also have a huge kink for BDSM and urophilia.

♥ According to the last heart, a smart geek knows their TFs; either it's TransFormers or TeamFortress.

♥ Thanks for chatting with me on FaceBook, bloodangel, I appreciate that. Hope you don't feel numb after the cat left your lap.

♥ Geezie wheezie, it isn't even Halloween yet and I am already making plans for Christmas!
Also, there are two ways I feel about Christmas; either I am head over heels about baking ginger snaps, giving and getting presents, decorating the Christmas tree, eating delicious food, spending time with my friends and catching snowflakes on my tongue, and so on, or I am a total Grinch and feel like Christmas is all about American cultural imperialism, I'm never able to afford presents, and when I go see my parents for Christmas break my parents always quarrel or then my brother quarrels with me, it's almost a tradition with the Ylitalo family.

♥ In case you have been wondering about the etymology of my last name, Ylitalo means more or less "Overhouse" in English.
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