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So, okay, I think I'll write an update about the Halloween party.

All Saturday I had a terrible headache and all around a foul mood, but it all got better once Suvi arrived. She brought a butt load of goodies, including herb & sourcream crisps, chocolate muffins, salmiakki candies, chocolate manna pudding, pomegranate candies, cold- smoked salmon, iced coffee drinks and a Fazer chocolate bar!

We spent the evening eating goodies and getting ready for the party; I decided to dress as a sexy witch, like Suvi. I wore oodles of makeup, which was weird enough because it's been almost ten years since I last time wore makeup.

We took a train to Helsinki, it felt weird to be downtown at such late time. Had Suvi not been with me, I would have been kind of freaked out because when I'm outside at night time, I am always scared of rapists and such.

Once in DTM, we paid the entrance fee and ordered some drinks; I had orange juice and cocoa, I have never drunk alcohol and I don't think I ever will.
I made friends with a Lady Gaga, a female Freddy Krueger and a Minnie Mouse who poked me in my tits, and a scary clown kept on pestering me and Suvi. We pole danced to the 80's disco hits and all around had fun!

At midnight I started to feel a bit moody; I guess it's because I am not used to partying.

After we left, we went to a McDonald's for a little midnight snack and went home by a bus.

Once home, I washed off my makeup, took my meds and went to bed. Suvi slept on my sofa- bed, on Sunday morning when I took a shower I used peeling cream on my face, hands and body, and hair conditioner.
We watched the movie Freddy vs. Jason, it's been a while since I last saw it and it was awesome to see it again!
Suvi gave me a lift to Martinlaakso by her car, when I went to see my parents.

I haven't updated for a while about my daily shenanigans, but I think I'll update later.
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