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I hate it how my life seems to be nothing but waiting for the next payday.

Today I slept late intentionally, so I wouldn't have to wait until a quarter of an hour past noon when my weekly grocery money hits my account.

Right after I had done all my morning routines, I was off. I went to the bank to withdraw all the money, then I went shopping; I bought a new pair of trousers, a Father's day card, a birthday card for notxdeadxyet, a tube of Freeman's Feeling Beautiful goji berry facial mask, a new deodorant, panty liners, sanitary pads, bread, tangerines, sandwich spread and chocolate.

Later the day I sent the birthday card in mail, and went to buy some more anti- depressants.

I guess today was okay.

I wish I could get up earlier; of course, I can set my alarm clock to ring, but it would give me no problem to turn it off and continue sleeping.
It's just that I don't want to waste my day by sleeping, I want to get up earlier so I can do whatever fun the day has to offer.
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