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Now that I'm living through a phase when I don't study or work, I can sleep as late as I want in the mornings. Some people would envy me, but I can assure you I often feel useless and feeling like I should demand to have responsibilities.

It's also too bad I always end up sleeping till midday, it bothers me because I end up losing half of the day and the fun things the day has to offer.
Every day has a bit of a magic if you see it.
Every day we experience miracles but all too often dismiss them as coincidences.

Of course, I could set my alarm clock to ring at a certain time but it's no use, it gives me no problem to get up, turn the alarm off and go back to bed.

This morning I got up before four o'clock, I managed to do all of the morning routines including having a breakfast and putting on earrings.
Too bad for the rest of the morning I felt boooooooooored. My head hurt like someone was hammering a nail to my right temple.

When the sun rose, I ran some errands and later the day went for a bike ride. I wish I could have gone for a longer ride, but it's just that I don't always feel like taking long bike rides or walks.

Most of the day I have been bored out of my mind. I have also been farting a lot, don't know why.

I'm running out of pink, cyan and yellow ink, luckily my mom promised to buy them for me. When I asked her, she didn't raise a hell as I thought she would.

She also told me that now that Christmas is coming, I should apply for a job as a shop assistant so I can help during the Christmas hustle; it's widely known that people are more prone to shopping when it's a holiday season.
Mom told me I should go to the job agency as the first thing next morning; I promised mom I would do that, but I was also a bit intimidated by her stern voice.
Well, at least I will earn some extra money and get something useful to do during daytime. Thanks, mom!

My friend Elise is coming for an overnight visit between Friday and Saturday, I hope we will have fun. It's been a while since I last saw her, I think it was my graduation party.
On Sunday me and my family are going to a restaurant in Vantaankoski, we are celebrating my graduation and also the Father's day. I have already bought a card for my dad.

I'm really grateful for the peculiar account, it has vastly improved my finances now that I have learned to use my money more sensibly.

Now that Halloween is over, I can divert my attention to Christmas. And after Christmas is over, then it will be Valentine's day.
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