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Holy shiet, soon I reach my 2100th entry.

Yesterday evening when I went to bed, I noticed how nice it is to go to sleep after a long day. I rarely notice that.

I had so many dreams that I found it hard to tell them from reality. For instance, I have had so many dreams of the city Kangasala (where my paternal grandmother lives) that I can't remember how it really looks like!

After getting up and doing all the morning routines, I was off for errands; I took two nightshirts to a thrift store, then I visited the library to return a bunch of books.

Then the crucial mission; I went to the job agency to ask if I can get a temporary job as a helper in a shop or a library now that Christmas is coming and there will be a lot of shopping. I would like to earn a little more money, get work experience and have something to during daytime.
I think it went pretty smoothly, I have an appointment on Wednesday at 10:45.

I went to the library, booked myself a computer and looked at Team Fortress 2 porn on Y!Gallery.

I was thinking of going for an urbane adventure, then I thought of going for a walk, but I decided to go home and take a nap.

And what a nap I took, I slept for almost three hours! After getting up it was completely dark outside, so I drew the curtains and turned the lamps on.

I decided to go buy some chocolate and then go for a short walk. I can't get through the day if I don't get any chocolate.

I have been feeling a bit cruddy, because I rarely take walks or bike rides or go to the gym or do any kind of other exercise. It's just that I don't always have enough time (especially now that the days are getting shorter) or motivation to do it, and the reason I don't go to gym is because I can't afford it.
I want to exercise because I want to stay healthy, and because sometimes it can be fun.
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