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My sleeping pattern is fucked up, once again; I keep on waking up many times during the night, and find it hard to fall back asleep.
Well, the one thing I like about it is how I don't sleep all the way to the afternoon and miss a great deal out of the day. So, it's kind of good, actually, but it's not nice when I get up at six in the morning and have to wait for a long time until I can start making noise without disturbing the neighbors, and go out when the sun has risen and the shops are opened.

This morning I got up early and did all the morning routines. Today was also my payday, I received the weekly allowance and extra welfare.

I got bored while waiting for the shops to be opened, so I took a nap and got up when the sun had risen.

When the shops were opened, I went to Myyrmanni, visited Citymarket and bought a pair of small Little My scissors, a small jar of petroleum jelly to use as skin lotion when I'm abroad, and a knife sharpener.
Then I went to the bookshop and bought a mechanical pen or whatever they are called, and some spare lead.
Then I went to BodyShop and bought a nail buffer; I could have left the watermelon body lotion bottle for recycling, but I forgot.
Then I went to Hennes&Mauritz and bought a LittleTwinStars jewelry set and the pair of simple black pants I had put on hold yesterday.

Then I went back home, I still had time left before I went to see my nurse at one p.m. Once home, I just puttered around until it was time to go meet my nurse.

On my way to the rehab center, I went to BodyShop and left the lotion bottle there for recycling.

The meeting went pretty smoothly, and I might mention that I like my current nurse Satu more than my old nurse Kirsi; she is not so stern and judgemental, she is far more gentle.
We made a new appointment on December 20th at midday.

I went to the bank and withdrew the rest of the money I had left; then I went to Citymarket and bought a bag of vinegar crisps as I was feeling quite peckish.

I took the bus 530 to Espoo and visited IKEA, I bought two pillows for overnight visitors (I'm thinking of giving the old pillows to the Occupy Helsinki camp), then I took the bus 27 to Leppävaara and visited Sello shopping center. I went to Hennes&Mauritz and bought a Hello Kitty hairbrush.

I took the A train to Helsinki, went to Sokos and bought a jar of Herbina face lotion and a tube of Freeman body scrub.
Then I went to LUSH and bought a Mint Juleps lip scrub.

Finally, I went to Idea Forum and bought birthday cards for the following people; cezanator, pteropusvenom, bloodangel, mimi_elizabetha, woodland_hermit, Elise and Bonita. I bought this month's and December's birthday cards a little earlier.

I took the bus 452 to Myyrmäki and went to Citymarket to buy chocolate pudding, hand wash and panty liners.

Once home, I wrote and stamped all the birthday cards and had a little chocolate pudding, but lost my appetite when I saw a YouTube video about a frog with an eye parasite.
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