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I received my tax refund, it was 197,12 euros instead of the 363 euros I had been expecting. Well, it's better than nothing.

I paid the bills for my orders from Kitsch and CDON.com, and thought of going shopping later.

I went to bed to write my diary, when I took a break and let my hands rest I started to feel sleepy so I took a nap.

I curled into a little ball to conserve body heat, I was still feeling cold so I tried to curl into as little ball as I could, but I'm not that bendy.

Later my dad rang my cellphone, I unraveled the curl and answered it. I was so groggy that I can't remember if I answered it right, but anyway, dad told me he was coming to pick me up so we could go to Petikko and buy me a new mattress for my bed and then come over to my place to fix the bureau drawer.

He asked me to come down to the yard to wait for him, so I put on my outerwear and went to the yard to wait for him.

I hate it when I have to wait for someone in public, even if it's my home yard rather than the Central Railway Station. Almost every time I go out and stand in one place longer than ten seconds, some penis monster comes along and thinks I am a prostitute or a free psychiatrist.
Luckily, this time I got to wait in peace.

My dad fetched me and we drove to Petikko. Sometimes I wish he loved me as much as Harry Mason loved Cheryl, even if she was a devil incarnate that he had found from the side of the road.

We went to Jysk, dad bought me the mattress and we drove back to Kilterinrinne. He fixed the bureau drawer, then he was off.
I put the mattress on its place, and spent the rest of the day being bored.

I was feeling pissy because I knew I had 150 euros in my bank account, I wanted to buy stuff but I tried to be smart for at least once in my life, when it comes to financial things.

I was thinking of actually doing something, it was getting late and I was mighty bored.

At quarter to seven in the evening I finally snapped, and took a train to Helsinki to do some inane shopping.

I wanted to go to Backstreet in Forum, but it was closed. Bah.

I went to MicMac and bought a cosmetics bag with pictures of guinea pig, hipster eyeglasses, and then went to Cruel Age in Kamppi and bought two pairs of daisy earrings; I used to have one pair of them and used them as everyday earrings, but then I lost the other and I decided to buy more of them; if I lose one, I will have a new one.

It was getting late, so I grabbed a couple of bagels from Arnold's and took a bus home.

For the rest of the evening, I nommed chocolate, fapped to porn and went to sleep at midnight. Sometimes I feel proud of myself.
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