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I shot John Lennon.

If I said that John Lennon was a sexist and a racist, you wouldn't believe me, right? After all, John Lennon was one of the spokespersons for human rights.

John Lennon used to make fun of "niggers", "Spics" and Jews. Both of his poetry collections, John Lennon in his own write and Spaniard in the works, he wrote many degrading jokes about them.

Of course, you can say that he was only joking, it was not to be taken seriously. Just like Robert Crumb wrote at the end his comic album Robert Crumb versus the Sisterhood, "Don't get mad at me girls, I'm really on your side!" (I can't remember the exact words, it's been a while since I read it and I am too disgusted to read it again). And anyone who still gets mad, needs to grow a pair and get a sense of humor, right?

Men have always used "sense of humor" as an excuse to commit their vile deeds, and if you disagree with their jokes, you're a frigid feminazi who just secretly want a loving boyfriend.

He also used to beat his girlfriends, but not Yoko Ono, the shrill- voiced Japanese bitch who tore the Beatles apart, right? She actually worshiped him blindly like he was some sort of tropical sex god, while anyone with common sense knows that John Lennon was a raw- boned, whiter- than- cornbread bore straight male who wouldn't know oppression even if it kicked him in his scrawny arse.
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